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Customer Feedback

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Lost property

If you’ve lost something while travelling on a Sydney Ferries service, fill out the lost property form to submit an enquiry.


For lost property that you need urgently (such as essential medical equipment) or should you require special assistance to collect your lost item please contact us on (02) 8113-3002

Media enquiries

For any media enquiry, please contact us at

Advertising Opportunities on the Ferries

For all enquiries about advertising on Sydney’s iconic ferries, please contact:
Kirsty Dollisson, TorchMedia Pty Ltd
t: +61 403 035 554

Filming enquiries

Download our Filming Guidelines

Charter enquiries

Download our Charter-Guidelines-Document

Environment Response Management Plan

Click the link to read our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Drug and Alcohol Policy Statement

Click the link to read our Drugs & Alcohol Policy Statement

Health, Safety, Environment (HSEQ) Policy

Click the link to read our HSEQ Policy Statement Aug 2021

Customer Service Plan

Click the link to read our  Customer Service Plan

Accessible Transport Action Plan

Click the link to read our Accessible Transport Action Plan 2020-2021

Asset Management Policy

Click the link to read our Asset Management Policy Statement Policy