Published in Nature on 17 February 2016

Sydney Opera House Seal

Opera House Seal 702 ABC Sydney John Donegan

Opera House Seal: Photo by 702 ABC Sydney John Donegan

The next time you’re wandering around the Sydney Opera House, take a peek at the steps just by the waterfront. While performers generally use the inside theatres to display their art, a furry friend from New Zealand performs outside. For the past few years, the steps have become the summer home for someone locally known as the Sydney Seal.

If you happen to walk by on a lucky day, the Sydney Seal will wave about and swim around in Sydney Harbour, though most of the time this New Zealand fur seal does what seals do best – it soaks up Sydney’s summer sun.

Sometimes the Sydney Seal disappears for a little while, but you can usually spot it in Sydney’s warmer months, always with an air of nonchalance and occasionally putting on a show for spectators.

So what are you waiting for? Go and take a seal-fie while the weather is still warm. You’ve got our seal of approval.



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