Published in Nature on 26 March 2017

Sumatran Rhino – Vivid Sydney

Beyond the Wharf has teamed up with Vivid Sydney to help celebrate Taronga Zoo’s centenary. This year for Vivid, you’ll find eight zoo animals depicted in LED lights: 8 critical species that the zoo has dedicated to conserve.

One of the species depicted is the Sumatran Rhino.

There are fewer than 100 Sumatran Rhinos left in the wild. Rhino numbers have plummeted dramatically over the past few decades – and there’s a very real chance we will lose them forever.  Listed as critically endangered as a result of poaching for the illegal wildlife trade in which their horns are sold as traditional medicine, and habitat loss, the smallest and hairiest of all the Rhino species will not survive without our help.

RHINO Vivid Sydney Taronga Zoo Ferry

For Sumatran Rhinos, for the next 10 years

Taronga is committed to saving the Sumatran Rhino by supporting Wildlife Protection Units in Sumatra to create a safe and secure home in the wild, and by providing veterinary treatment and relocation assistance for rhinos at risk. Taronga is also working in partnership with TRAFFIC to combat illegal wildlife trade through their Wildlife Witness app and by funding a Wildlife Crime Analyst in TRAFFIC’s office.

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