Meet Winson

15 million passengers, one man's journey.

Meet Winson

15 million passengers, one man's journey.

15 million passengers, one man’s journey.

Originally from Indonesia, Winson Tamzil has recently completed his studies on professional photography here in Sydney. “Ever since I was very young, I have loved photography. I got a golden opportunity to study professional photography in Sydney, Australia when I turned 19”, says Winson. In his last year of study he chose to document travel on the iconic Sydney Harbour Ferries as his final project.

No two ferry rides are the same

Covering different destinations and days of the week, from early in the morning through to late in the night, the project explores both the crew and the variety of people who use this service; from commuters to tourists to day trippers and families.

Various moods are revealed through Winson’s lens. A warm glow as golden rays of light filter through the windows of the ferry; a vessel rocks as storm clouds appear on the horizon; the calm atmosphere when the water and the clouds are quiet. “No two ferry rides are the same”, Winson adds enthusiastically.


Check out his book here: Sydney by Ferry – By Winson

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