Meet Lonnie

Salt in his veins

Meet Lonnie

Salt in his veins

Leonidas’ family came from the Greek island of Ikaria, famous for the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun. Perhaps that’s why the family seems to prefer to travel by sea.

Both Leonidas and his brother currently work on the ferries. Leonidas’ father worked on Sydney Harbour as a deckhand on the Port Jackson Steamship ferries and AdSteam tugboats, while Leonidas’ grandfather began his career in the Greek Navy during World War 2 before moving to the Australian Merchant Navy and the 60-miler coal ships that brought coal to Sydney from the Hexham in the Hunter Valley. It’s a pretty safe bet that Lonnie’s family back in Greece, coming from a smallish Greek island would have had a bit to do with boats too. If you’re looking for someone with salt in his veins, Leonidas is your man.


Leonidas started with the Ferries in 1986 as a Cabin Boy on the Manly vessels and is currently working on the Taronga Zoo wharf. At one point he thought he might want to become a Master, but for the moment he is happy right where he is. “It is a great job with the best view and working location in Australia,” he says. “There is little stress when working on the Ferries, it provides a wonderful work – life balance. I have made some wonderful friends, and some great memories over time”, he adds.

It is a great job with the best view and working location in Australia

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