Barangaroo & Darling Harbour Ferry

Journey on the Cross Harbour Ferry

Families check picnic bags and leave stresses behind as we chug slowly under the bridge and towards the welcoming face of Luna Park. Scores of excited kids disembark and swarm through the iconic entrance. Others peel off to first swim at Sydney’s most picturesque pool. While those in the know meander towards Lavender Bay, hunting for Wendy Whiteley’s spectacular hidden garden.

It’s quieter now. Only the click of the commuters’ keyboards. We take time to reflect on the day ahead and the sights yet to discover. Sydney’s beauty slips by in bite-sized pieces. The green expanse of Blues Point Reserve reminds us of last New Year Eve’s fireworks. There’s no better place to view theme.

Skyscrapers scratch the sky as the noise and excitement of Barangaroo catches our attention. Do we get off now? Or stay on for Pyrmont? It’s cafes and shopping versus museums and attractions. We stay on board just to linger longer before the day’s fun explodes around us.

F4 – Cross Harbour Ferry Service
From Circular Quay, Wharf No. 5 to Pyrmont Bay via Barangaroo

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