Four Ferries Walk

By Carolyn Harper

Why not enjoy a enjoy midweek four Ferry walk after morning tea at Circular Quay.
MON – FRIDAY (Circular Quay to Rydalmere – Olympic Ferry Wharf to Meadowbank – Kissing Point Wharf to Abbotsford – Chiswick Wharf to Circular Quay.)
Alert – Abbotsford currently closed – please check for updates


Ferry One, Rivercat to


Turn right from the Ferry Terminal – heading back up River and follow shared pathway. Walk under Silverwater Bridge and up the path beside the Bridge, then onto the Bridge. At end of Bridge turn left to Wilson Park.

Walk to Olympic Park Ferry Wharf (5kms from Rydalmere Wharf)

Departure Wharf

Circular Quay
F3 Parramatta River service
10.07am Wharf 5

Arrival Wharf

11.13am Rydalmere Wharf

Ferry Two, Rivercat to


Turn Right along Bowden Street and then follow reserves/parks/shared pathway under Ryde Bridge to Kissing Point Ferry Terminal. Need to be prompt. Distance from Meadowbank Ferry Terminal to Kissing Point Terminal approx 1 3/4 to 2 kms).
Allow half an hour.

Departure Wharf

Sydney Olympic Park Wharf
F3 Parramatta River service

Arrival Wharf

12.41am Meadowbank Wharf

Ferry Three, Rivercat to


Need to be prompt for this next section. Walk to Chiswick Wharf. Near the toilets at the top of stairs at Abbotsford Wharf, turn left into Teviot Street, then right into Walton Street. Where Walton Street curves to the right, there is a set of stairs to Montrose Reserve. Cross Reserve and if possible cross into Abbotsford Cove Foreshore Park. If this is not possible from Montrose Reserve, walk along Fig Tree Avenue and left into Abbotsford Drive. Turn left into Mantra Place and follow Reserves, paths etc, crossing Wiremill Park. If possible turn left into Fortescue Street, right into Chiswick Street, left into Blackwall Point Road and then take the first street to the left (Bortfield Drive). Follow Bortfield Drive. At the bottom of this small road there is a Reserve with a concrete path that veers to the right and follows the water in front of a large block of units. Follow this path to Chiswick Wharf.

Departure Wharf

Kissing Point Terminal
F3 Parramatta River service

Arrival Wharf

Abbotsford Wharf

Ferry Four, Rivercat to

Circular Quay

Return Ferry to Circular Quay.

Departure Wharf

Chiswick Wharf
F3 Parramatta River service

Arrival Wharf

Circular Quay

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