Published in Nature on 26 March 2017

Greater Bilby – Vivid Sydney

Beyond the Wharf has teamed up with Vivid Sydney to help celebrate Taronga Zoo’s centenary. This year for Vivid, you’ll find eight zoo animals depicted in LED lights: 8 critical species that the zoo has dedicated to conserve.

One of the species depicted is Australia’s iconic Bilby.

Bilbies are extinct in NSW, and vulnerable Australia-wide. Bilbies improve their environment, improving soil quality and thus plant growth while they dig. Bilbies are threatened in the wild by habitat fragmentation and loss, and by predation by feral animals, particularly cats and foxes.

Vivid Sydney Taronga Zoo Ferry

For Bilbies, for the next 10 years

Taronga has committed to extending their successful Greater Bilby breeding program in Sydney to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, so that more Bilbies can be bred and released each year. Taronga also works in conjunction with partners to ensure that Bilbies are safe in the wild, by releasing them into predator-free managed sanctuaries.

Click here to see the seven other species lit up around your harbour this Vivid Sydney.

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